Random but Interesting Stuff

It is sooooo hot here in Brissy at the moment. Ok its only 29C or 85F but it’s the humidity that kills you here as its nearly 70%

This is Primrose the wonder dog trying to catch some breeze off the ceiling fan in the office where I am working. I think it’s time for a swim.


10/01/2018 – Up early this morning watching a webinar MoT – ‘Ask me anything’ topic was Coaching by Toby Sinclair , it was brilliant. What impressed me the most was his open honest approach to the discussion which literally held an audience of nearly 400 people from around the world entranced. Let me explain what I mean by open & honest as I am sure everyone would regard say they are that including myself when asked. It’s more in the line with being real with oneself. Understanding your faults, limitations, flaws, past/current failures and being OK with all of that possibly displaying when you talk to people. It comes across as a relaxed personal conversation between two people with that discussion influencing you to ‘come along for the ride’ or ‘take the journey’. I’ve included the link to some information about the webinar.

11/01/2018 – Never thought it was going to be this difficult to blog every day on top of the rest of my life but I am learning things along the way.