Who is kim8erley? (Kimberley)

I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, the second child from a family of 5 where my mother was from English origins and my father was from Maori (a native of New Zealand) background. We grew up in a very modest background, where education was not considered essential but a good work ethic was. I moved to Australia in my early 20’s, looking for adventure in travel but ended up making Australia my home. I have a very diverse employment background from selling shoes in an up-market ladies store on the lower north shore of Sydney, to media marketing, early childhood teaching, insurance and finally the best for last software testing.

An ‘Incidental Tester’ is what I am, why you may ask?

Incidental meaning – happening as a result of (an activity).
The catalyst for real professional growth was resigning from my profession as an Underwriter and secure a contract as a tester. I had been introduced to testing via UAT as a resource for a couple of years prior to leaving my then current profession. This opportunity lead to an exciting steep learning curve that has completely changed me. I finally found where I belong to a group of people who encourage knowledge growth, accept my sometimes obsessive nature for the need to get things right or figure out how they work. Welcome the myriad of questions I have running through my mind all the time via Google search, forums and helpful colleagues.
What I didn’t know till now is how my career change leads me to this grand conclusion ‘Testing Software is my passion.’ I’ve always had a curious nature which sometimes did not sit well in a school environment. I needed to understand how everything was fitting together or if there was a process how could I make it better, faster or more perfect, it’s the way I am wired I guess. In my teens, it was all about car engines especially classic’s pre-1975 and building them. I can still tell you by the sound of your engine if something is amiss. Fast forward some years and professions (business owner, pre-school educator and insurance underwriter to name a few) I was encouraged by my significant other to enter into the field of software testing….. and to coin a phrase ” The rest is history folks.

PostScript addition

How things change in ones life I am now working as a business analysis and super passionate still about quality. I’m a international speaker and strong advocate of having an agile mindset rather than a legalistic rules approach. I mentor locally & internationally around approaching testing with a business/development understanding. I enjoy working closely with development teams and the business as it gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge also the ability to take others on the journey with me.

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  1. I can totally relate with you when it comes to car engine. Even I can point out an issue in the car engine after hearing its sound. When I was small, my uncle taught me this thing. I take full care of my car as well as its car parts so that no such loud noise comes from my car engine or else I would have to buy new engine parts online.


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