Changing Mindsets Series: Becoming ‘Technical’

Question – What is the definition of a technical skills and When do you get to use that within your job description?

The business dictionary described it as ‘A skill that is required for the accomplishment of a specific task.’ With that in mind is testing the UI & UX of a website or App a skill that is required for the accomplishment of a specific task? Let’s list some of the ways we need to approach testing a website:

  • Understanding any config or versions for the browsers under test that may impact
  • Page source
  • Incognito Mode
  • HTTP Proxies
  • Postman – essential tool
  • JavaScript Functions & Objects
  • Loops & Console Outputs
  • CRUD Applications
  • Running a VM
  • Fuzzing

Were testing the functionality which includes some of the following

  • UX flow – meets business expectations
  • All links internal/outgoing/mail/anchor
  • HTML & CSS – standards followed, any syntax errors and readable colour schema matched to business branding
  • All forms – error handling, default values auto-populated, submission verified, easy to use & read
  • Cookies – deleted when cache is cleared or have expired. Login required on next visit

I haven’t even gone into speed (not in depth performance analysis but just simply does it work for the End User) and security. There are so many things as a “manual” tester (yes I did the hands in air quotes as I wrote this) needs to understand to be an excellent UI/UX website tester that I believe it meets the criteria of being “VERY Technical INDEED”.

Now lets get started on being a Technical Business Analysis using the same reasoning:

  • Understanding of all data system flow
  • Cloud infrastructure & impact on business decisions
  • Integration knowledge & impact on adding new tools/process/systems/business logic
  • Etc Etc Etc – I believe you can see the pattern of my thinking now


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