Changing Mindset Series: Business 2 Test

My job title had changed from Insurance Underwriter Support to Test Analyst and I was a little challenged in this area. This team had never had a tester resource assigned to them and I had never done anything but UAT where I was spoon fed by the lead tester. That was not my biggest issue I was facing, the worse was realising it was my own preconceived ideas or mindset that was my main obstacle which would be an ongoing struggle.

I had to identifying my main objectives or concerns:

  • My preconceptions needed to be thrown away which required humility for me to move forward in the investigative science of testing
  • How do I learn to speak the language of developers
  • Information overload on the “right way to test”
    • where do I start?
    • which way is correct?

I needed find a process & tools to assist in the implementation:

  • A kanban board at home along the hallway wall with 4 lanes ‘To Do’ > ‘In Progress’ > ‘Review’ > ‘Completed’
  • Find a platform or medium to communicate with other testers

I learned to speak the exquisite language of developers who have become one of my biggest allies in assisting me with professional development. I connected with other testers around the globe who gave me the confidence to stand firm under fire and laugh at the strange wonderful world of testing. My preconceived ideas is still a challenge occasionally leading me astray but never entirely lost.

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