The Holistic Tester – Are you one?

Are holistic testers as rare as a unicorn tester and what is a holistic tester?

The understanding that each change you make to one part affects the whole, so it is someone who while testing, takes in consideration the entire system UI/UX, different types of users and business logic. They are able to work with the ‘BIG PICTURE’ in mind which includes forward thinking of how this all fits in within the total test coverage of automation and exploratory.

Working closely with the developers assists the tester to pinpoint the change, and with the varying points of view in mind, the testers is able to create effective test cases around that change.

How do you apply this method?

It works well within Agile especially where the tester is embedded in early discussions with the development team and business. The tester needs to clearly see the business objective and goals, but understand the technical side as well at some level. This holistic view point towards testing within a scrum development team will contribute to a well rounded product. The tester has been able to use their creativity based on a intimate knowledge of the systems, at an early stage of development,  to catch those elusive bugs.

This is exactly what the business or stakeholders want, so let’s start including your testers within every facet of the development stage. A good tester will add value!


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