It starts with i

i = my personal mindset or

it could be the

roman numeral i = the first (moment, decision, choice)

Last night I attended a meetup with other testers and the speaker made a point around issues with others. He displayed an empathy map with four key points, one of those points was ‘Just Do It’. Now here’s the point if you find yourself in a situation with others that doesn’t seem to be going favourable, step back and look inwards first (i). Ask yourselves the following questions

  • What am i doing to contribute to this?
  • Have i tried to see it from the other persons point of view?
  • Do i have an attitude issue?
  • And what steps am i going to take to rectify it?

So, here’s the honesty bit, I was terrible at this 3 or 4 years ago and was working in a situation with another tester who I felt was a bully. For whatever reason she disliked me, and it was apparent to me. But at no point did I step back and ask those questions or tried to find a middle ground. I dug my heals in and it really was like poison to me. I was severely stressed, and it was affecting my health. I left that position without resolving anything. It was childish behaviour and to this day I regret it but I can’t undo what has been done.

Moving forward I try hard to apply those questions during what seems to be the other persons fault/attitude whatever…… when the reality is I can’t change anyone else but my own mindset towards people and situations. I’ve worked with developers who at the beginning literally treated me with contempt like this one situation where I was so green as a tester my lead told me to prepare to test XYZ. My lead then directed me to talked to the developer and tell him I was ready to test his code change. I will never forget that day, as the developer looked at me, and said I don’t need you to test my code. He then turned his back on me as the conversation was finished. I was cut to the bone about how I was treated but I needed to figure out what was going on. Fast forward 2 years later, there is a production issue and he’s trying to figure out what is happening on a system he doesn’t normally look after. He turned around and asked if I had seen this issue before. Interestingly I had a couple of releases back and I explained what happened with me, why it displayed and what the work around was. About an hour later he leaned over to me and said you were right about the production issue. How did I get from being treated as nothing more than an annoyance to now reliable source for referencing to during a production issue? I applied the above steps…….

People the choice is yours, as for me I regret previous situations that I lacked insight and the outcome was less than ideal. So I decided to change i.





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