All the other days combined into a single post

Apologies for doing this but trying to complete this while starting my new fantastic job is becoming nearly impossible. I thought let’s just put everything into a single post.

Day 23 – What agile strategies are there for managing tests? How can you improve yours?

I’m doing a proof of concept with Zephyr and Capture for JIRA plugin. I am totally loving the JIRA plugin where it allows you to create session based testing. This is a way to combine accountability & exploratory to provide rapid defect discovery and feedback. This is great for system testing the code change from a UI/UX level where we really do not need to create test cases but we do need some kind of traceability on what/when/how its been tested.

Day 24 – Look for a task that can be automated?

Busy learning Ruby and my ideal would be to use scripting to create certain levels of process.

Day 25 – What can’t you automate? Communicate that to your team. – Currently not at that stage of understanding the complex systems I am working on

Day 26 – What does your Test Plan look like, what format do you use? – Currently the test plan of one of our systems is very detailed and works well enough. It is in excel format which ideally will be transferred over to a test management tool agreed upon by the team.

Day 27 – Look into zero bug tolerance, is this something your team could do? – Interesting concept and not one I had thought about so I did some Google research. I came across this article from A Medium Corporation where they implemented zero bugs in their backlog within 18 months. They have outlined their maintenance plan moving forward:

  • Bug triage
  • Triaged bugs are immediately claimed
  • QA Team taking a more aggressive approach
  • Increasing our release iterations

Could we do this as a team? Not sure at this point but it will be something I will look into and discuss it further with the team.

Day 28 – What learning culture exists in your company? How can you contribute to it? – My current company has a very high learning culture and giving back to open source development. It’s amazing to work in an environment like this. I can contribute by ensure things I have learnt are documented and stored for available access to any within the organisation. The documentation need not be heavy but should include links to relevant sites, screenshots and anything else that maybe relevant.

Day 29 – What columns do you have on your work tracker or kanban board? – will post this at a later date

Day 30 – What action does your team take on a red build? – Who ever is managing the final QA process prior to release would start the investigations of the following;

  • review error message to identify failure
  • possible raise a bug
  • kick back code change to original developer who’s code created the error
  • dependant on the issue it maybe fixed by who found the issue

I had to ask my partner about a red build and I have never seen one happen during a production release. I have definitely seen it happen a number of times when developers merge their code into test environment and then tell me “It works on my machine” when I query why a manual test case against a feature fails. Isn’t life sweet 🙂

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