Condensed Days 19/20/21/22

Day 19 – How can you make jobs for your team easier?

Ensuring my communication level is exceptional, what do I mean by that? Logging a defect, everyone has experienced one way or another the issues around trying to fix something for a third party without enough information to start investigating properly. Being prepared for stand up each day so communication is clear.

Flexibility is essential to being effective within a team where the tester works with the team to achieve the common goal.

Initiate a agreed time with a developer, time boxed, with questions ready for knowledge transfer. Respecting everyone is busy so don’t take up other team members time needlessly.

Day 20 – Investigate what is in your and your team’s tool kit

Having just started with a new company this was one of my very first day tasks is to buy out sometime with the team finding out what tools they use and set them up. Most of them I had not used before but I was fortunate during the week I paired up with another developer for pairing. He was able to give me valuable tips on how to use some of my tool more effectively. On reflection we had about a 2 hour session where I believe that time spent showing me tips on tools will save the company 2-3 hrs per week of my resource time. Money well spent I say 🙂

Day 21 – How are you managing your testing, is it really agile?

Totally agile and I can write this with complete confidence. As previously written I had started a new position and the entire team is very agile. Testing is targeted, with regression automated and the entire team can be involved if needed in the testing process. It’s amazing to see this applied but never grudgingly, the team see’s it as a task to complete to deliver a robust, solid release. How lucky am I? Everyday working there reminds me of that.

Day 22 – Find out what testing is being done by other team members

All our developers unit test that is a given! Having said that some teams regard that as optional (yip don’t go there….). They also have automated integration & regression so the testers role is targeted system testing from the UI/UX level and targeted regression testing with some time boxed exploratory.

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