Day 18 – How can you make testing jobs easier?

Not really sure what this is meant by easier, but I am looking at it in the context of more efficient or cost effective.

  • Get well acquainted with all the tools in use
  • Understand the architecture of the systems your testing
  • Arrange for a day-in-the-life of your front-end users. See the system in use by the clients it was designed for
  • Use something decent to capture screenshots/videos I prefer Snagit
  • As soon as possible start reviewing User Stories to ensure all the information is included. If it isn’t then follow up quickly
  • Learn how to verbalise in simple language that is appropriate to your audience any issues you may come across
  • Learn to read the code language used by the developers
  • Network with other team members – see how they handle XYZ

Is testing easy? Depends…. it depends on your background, mindset, personality and a myriad of other seemingly inconsequential things all coming together.

For some they are naturally good at it but still need to work at their craft.

For others they are good but still need to work at their craft.

So I guess its easy for anyone who is dedicated to continuous learning and working hard at crafting their techniques.

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