Day 16 – What barriers do you feel exist in testing in Agile?

The single factor I have experienced around a barrier to testing within an Agile team, would be the business’s understanding of Agile and the application of it within the team. I’ve had many conversations with other testers, developers and PM/PO over this subject in the past, so I thought I would share a collection of experiences that were real barriers to testing within an Agile team:

  • Zero documentation mostly all head knowledge
  • Daily stand ups not time boxed
  • User stories incomplete or inaccurate
  • No retrospectives
  • Tester is the last person to know anything
  • Limited or zero access to Product Owner

I understand in any company it’s not easy or cheap to move teams from current methodology to Agile, but the investment will pay in the long run. How you might ask? Recently I had the privilege of meeting a woman who has spent most of her career in company transformation to Agile and our conversation was very insightful. Her current company with the process embedded now releases on a Friday, takes a few minutes, and everyone goes home for the weekend. She walked me through the team’s process and all I could do was smile like a Cheshire cat. If a team member decides to leave, there literally is no handover, as the entire team is involved and aware of the situation. It was truly beautiful to hear. All of this was very achievable with the backing of top and middle management. With the implementation of this very successful software development cycle and a team that functions cohesively, there is literally nothing they cannot achieve.

How do we break down those barriers? Top down is always the answer.


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