Day 15 – How can you make your testing process (more) lean?

Thinking about the above question, what I listed below, makes sense to me when your collaborating with others to reach a common goal. Being co-located within your team works extremely well but, that is not to say a mixture of co/on/off-shore isn’t as effective. I came across this paper which outlines the studies on Improving off-shore communication by choosing the right coordination strategy . This had me thinking about what part would I play to support improvement of communication across the team when we are not all co-located, food for thought right?

  • Maintained flexible test strategy that can be updated, keeping in line with the direction or path the project is going. This would help the testers to ensure the stakeholders needs are being met
  • Time box & mission statement for any exploratory testing
  • Sharing of knowledge – support or create a central point for knowledge sharing ie wiki/confluence page/sharepoint document/drop box. Ensure all team members have access to it.
  • Team Communications via yammer or slack anything that will get that information out to the team instantly
  • Ensure automated regression suite is maintained & up-to-date
  • Up-skill on any tools to become an expert
  • Network with other development teams to glean ideas for self-improvement

I think the tester in me could go on and on about my own self-improvement so I time boxed this one. If there are any other ideas, I am very interested in people’s opinions on how as testers we can make our process more lean. For me lean means:

  • Meets the needs of the stakeholder
  • Is cost efficient
  • Effective use of resource
  • Quality & Standards are maintained or improved

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