Day 8 – ‘Speak to a developer about a bug you found instead of logging it in the tracking system’

This one stumped me, I must admit as have always spoken directly to the developer about a bug prior to logging it. Even if the developer was off-shore, I would send them an email with a video attachment for their input. The developer would look at it, think about it and this is where the tester can now make a connection. How so you might ask? Two things usually happen about now:

  1. The developer realises something has been missed by him/her personally and fixes it right there. I get to retest the fix almost immediately and can finish my testing faster. This pathway builds trusting relationships.
  2. The developer realises this is something new and advises to raise a defect for investigation but assign it to him/her directly as they are already aware of the issue. I get the defect looked at quickly and I know who is working on it while I put it to one side waiting for the build release to fix it. This pathway builds trusting relationships.

To be clear, I feel this situation lends itself to testing in an environment where it’s not shared by multiple projects who need visibility to progress, or the issue does not immediately impact many different areas or projects. If it did, I would walk over and work with the developer who originally created the code change, visibility is being managed by the tracking system. I would reach-out to key personal, a quick email outlining our estimation for the following work – code fix, release build into a development box environment for retest, release build into integration environment, run automated smoke testing. Prior to build release into shared environment sending a notification email outlining when, what it will fix (link back to tracking system) and finally close the defect with notes if needed.

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