Day 5 – ‘Pair with a developer on a feature’

‘Pair with a developer on a feature’

This is taking some time with my partner busy putting together for us to work on. Having said that I watch in awe as he methodically engineers all of the components together in Python (I’m fairly familiar with that language) and I see bits of it being built. The interesting thing is watching him when things do not go as expected. I can see he finds that fascinating to work out the puzzle, pull it apart, change something, put it together and run it. This is just my own personal observations of what is happening beside me in our home office and as I do in my work situation I try not to disturb the developers on a wimp. I understand once you are in that mindset of deep diving productivity it’s difficult to be pulled out of it, answer a question and then go back to where you were.

This will have to be completed later this month with an updated article. The feature image came across when I was learning basic Python and this reference page I found very helpful @ Python Adventures so I included the link. Thank you to Laszlo Szathmary for posting it.


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