Day 3- Find a video on Youtube about agile testing, then watch it!

I came across this guy by chance when I was looking to find something that would advance my technical knowledge and I think this course is a bargain at $10 US Technical Web Testing 101. I am enjoying the course and find Alan very easy to understand. You can tell it’s experience talking and he has an easy listening tone. I don’t know about you but the manner a person uses their voice (pitch, pace, power) makes it or breaks it for me.

Youtube video What is Agile Testing by Evil Tester is excellent for anyone new to Agile methodology. For me, it was an affirmation of how I try to apply this process, essential if your working with individuals that are beginning this journey to assist them in establishing good practices early. This is for me, is an essential part of being an effective team member sharing knowledge freely.  As each team member grows becoming invested in the team goal, and work together to reach it. I would call this Nirvana which I hope doesn’t offend anyone with my reference. As one dictionary definition notes it as ‘an ideal or idyllic state or place.’ It is a deeply soul-satisfying experience and I hope everyone gets an opportunity to work within a team environment like that.

I really hope you enjoy watching this and if you have any comments, suggestions of other video’s for me to watch please note it in the comments section.

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