Day 1 – “Buy an agile related testing book and share something you’ve learnt by day 30”

After much research, I settled on a book titled ‘Agile testing how to succeed in an extreme testing environment’ author is John Watkins.

What I liked about this book was the case studies in Part 2 ‘Everyone is different: Agile case studies’ as I have found there are many levels of maturity within Agile and a fair amount of transformation stages for companies. As a tester, I have found it useful to know and understand Agile principals but be very flexible on the application within a new company. Support the current methodology that is being used and find ways to improve it by applying (if possible) true Agile techniques.

Just a side point, I am currently in-between contracts so some of the days of testing are going to be interesting especially when I am not working with a team. I have managed to convince a developer (my partner) about the benefits of assisting me on the dev/tester days.

Honestly, the picture below is really a joke ha! The easiest people I have ever worked with are developers 🙂

Image result for cartoon of dev tester working

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