It’s been ‘A long time away’

What a journey, what a ride

So, I guess start at the beginning is the best place to be. June this year I started with a smallish development company and learned so much. It’s been amazing, stressful, wondrous and personally challenging but real growth only comes from the test of fire.

I was working for an amazing smallish company that has developed very interesting software. This software can refine workflow process for external & internal company employee’s using mapping to display captured work. I could immediately see the benefits to a large range of services from lawn mowing through to government service providers. It has far-reaching potential and I am looking forward to seeing how far this company goes with this software.

Moving on to November I was able to take some training time away in-between contracts and attend a Certified Agile Tester (CAT) course. It was held at one of my previous employer’s offices with a mix of permanents and contractors attending. How good it was to see all my previous work colleagues and to attend this course with some of my closest friends. To say this course is easy would be understating what depth it goes to around the application of agile methodology within yourself as a tester and the team you work with, but my next blog will touch more around those thoughts. After 4 intensive days of training and role-playing as development teams working on an iteration the exam day arrived. Most of our class studied a minimum of 2 hours review each night as recommended by the trainer. The exam consists of 3 parts, soft skill review (by the trainer), written exam (no it’s not multiple questions a real exam) and practical application with written support documentation on why you chose to do ‘XYZ’. Is it worth doing? Well only you can really answer that question but for me, it helped me cement and refine my current knowledge of Agile methodology. Kate Ellery our trainer from Planit was amazing with her knowledge and positive encouragement for us all.

It’s December now….. what next??? Honestly, I don’t know and that is what is so exciting, but I am going to get back to writing here about what I am doing right now. Playing with ‘interesting stuff’ and look for ways to grow professionally.

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