Bloggers inspire TCTC methodology

I came across another person’s blog yesterday while I was contemplating life and the fulfilment of it all. It was ‘The Kitchen Whisperer” (front link page at the bottom), and I enjoyed reading Lori’s blog possibly because it’s personal not constructed in thesis style writing but more importantly she’s an intelligent cook. With an engineering background who can write software application in C++ Lori approaches cooking with passion and a process. To quote Lori ” Just like doing a calculus problem, writing an application in C++ or building a network, me being in the kitchen just made sense. It fits.” I totally get where this lady is coming from (love to cook too, just ask my gourmet fed Ridgeback X) and believe the two essential fits for being a great software tester is passion and process.
A few weeks back I t having lunch with two fabulous testers one an automation tester the other performance, who both are very passionate and lively about their calling. I happened to be moaning about how an individual process is the flavour of the month with its buzz words and communication with other professionals was held up over clarification of what said word meant. That set the groundwork for a perfect brainstorm, and we were off. How hard is it to create a new process with appropriate buzz words? That was how with ‘The Cake” Testing Cycle (how easy is this acronym TCTC) was born over a quick 15 minute chat with two other testers while inhaling lunch. So here goes nothing:

  • Solution Design = Recipe displays all the requirements and includes pictures of before & after expected results with environmental information that is required while in creation mode (testing)
  • Unit = Cupcake from a larger recipe
  • System = Layer cake with filling
  • Integration = Layer cake with filling and frosting displayed on a carefully chosen plate (API) with special cake forks (API) for use
  • Regression = Layer cake with filling and frosting on the plate with cake forks but we now add nuts or berry coulis, possible throw in a flavoured whipped crème or homemade vanilla ice-cream. You might use brought crème or ice-cream straight out of the box.
  • UAT = Your family not talking while eating hard a piece of Layer Cake – Tester says Yay!
  • Stakeholder = The neighbour next door or a work colleague who tries the cake agrees it meets all the specifications and would like to take a piece home to their family members (or so they say ha!)

Now all of this was just a bit of fun and tongue in cheek style, I actually forgot the buzz words we made up, but I’m pretty sure I have you now thinking about simple ways to explain to a newbie what testing is right? I was fortunate to work with a Lead Dev who was incredibly insightful in explaining how systems work. He would use part of a vehicle engine to try and describe what was happening in the system or draw a picture. I would recommend chatting with your development team who are a wealth of information that you, the insightful tester can tap.

…… don’t you just want to go make a cake now?

Image result for chocolate layer cake images not copyrighted

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