You know you are excited right???
I just spent the last 50 minutes watching an amazing video. Have any of you out there been to a Quality Jam gathering? I was looking at a talk given by Kevin Dunne from Symphony and Adam Satterfield from BetterCloud. Look them up, and it’s on YouTube ‘BDD, TDD, and ATDD for the Enterprise. It’s life changing stuff.
Kevin had been around QA for a long time took us through ‘Back in the day….’ compared to what they are trying now.
Unfortunately or for me, fortunately, I don’t have a ‘Back in the day….’ approach because I am relatively new to the testing world (<5yrs) but when he talked about the pathway his team is walking on now well, that just made good sense.
Radical or not I have always believed in testers having early involvement with the business or stakeholders, solution analyst and developers focusing on communication and collaboration. With everyone fully informed of the stakeholder’s needs, how the SA is going to design a solution or the developer’s coding. Then the tester can get started writing the test scripts early. One thing he mentioned about BDD and TDD was getting the automation and manual testers together. Each learning from the other with the idea of baking in the automation testing from Day 1. Not only is this moving testing up front but its building more testable software. With automation in play, this allows for the manual tester to create edge cases or complex scenarios focusing on integration. Quality is a team event where we are all invested in this ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” – here’s hoping there is more ‘Good.’
Watch the video if you are interested in change > communication > collaboration > learning > moving forward. BDD, TDD and ATDD for the Enterprise

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