Incidental Tester

What does she mean by Incidental?

Software testing as a profession happened to me by way of an external activity where I found myself looking for employment in the financial sector. I was given a chance of a lifetime which fortunately for me I have a very intelligent significate other aka Mr M (he’s a developer but we wont hold that against him ha!) who pushed me to take up the position of test analyst for my previous employer.

I won’t fudge the truth it was difficult and very steep learning curve where everyone seemed to speak French while I spoke only English. Goggle became my closest friend where I would make notes when the developers spoke in our daily stand ups and back at my desk research what it meant. I read everything I could about testing and pestered my partner to show me how to set up environments at home to play in. I knew at that very moment in time what was happening to me was life defining and how incredibly luckly I was.

What I was thinking to use this site for tips and hints around testing. Links to well documented and reliable websites (trust me its difficult to get incorrect knowledge out of your head once you learn it). YouTube videos that are easy to follow for instruction. Some coding tips by Mr M aka significant other and anything generally we think might be worthwhile chatting about.

I truly hope this site adds value to the person who is at a professional crossroads and wonders if software testing is a good fit for them. Honestly, if you had asked me four years ago where I would be, I would of replied with dead certainty, “as an Underwriter for XXX Insurance company.” I am glad I took this pathway as it has brought me nothing but joy and personal growth.

  • I’ve learnt to be courageous in the face of an ending sprint.
  • To follow my gut instinct when everything is displaying ‘A OK’
  • The process IS important
  • Ask ” Is this something I can learn so I don’t need to bother you in the future?” – great question to ask a developer
  •  Smile cause no one likes a whining tester

I am hoping if there are ones like me out there who are looking at testing as a profession then this may assist you in your journey.

Kia kaha Kia maia Kia manawanui

Be strong, Be steadfast, Be willing


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